2019 Geoscience and Remote Sensing Summer School


Tuesday, July 23 - Friday, July 26, 2019


Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku,
Tokyo 152-8550

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GRSS Summer School (GR4S) will be held in conjunction with IGARSS 2019. The main venue is Tokyo Institute of Technology, located approximately 30 minutes away from the IGARSS 2019 venue by train. GR4S will be a four-day course that offers three-day seminar lectures and hands-on lab works, with one-day technical tour. Distinguished speakers will give lectures on SAR remote sensing, optical remote sensing and remote sensing for disaster damage mapping, which are followed by hands-on training. On the second day (Wednesday, July 24), a technical tour is planned to NIED and JAXA, Tsukuba, Japan.

Co-chairs: Hiroaki Kuze (Chiba University), Kuniaki Uto (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Naoto Yokoya (RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project)

Contact information

2019 Geoscience and Remote Sensing Summer School Committee
email: gr4s@igarss2019.org

Education Program

Earth Observation Using Remote Sensing: Investigation from Space

Special education program for 10-15 years old local students will be held during IGARSS 2019. The program includes a lecture on earth observation from satellite including hands-on activities, and a hyper-wall show on current remote sensing examples. This education program is supported by culture and tourism bureau, City of Yokohama.


  • LECTURE organized by Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC)
    • Satellite for earth observation
    • Japan and overseas seen from space
    • Introduction of remote sensing technique
    • Paper craft globe making
  • HYPER-WALL SHOW given by Dr. Gail Skofronick-Jackson, NASA
    • NASA Remote Sensing Examples
LocationPACIFICO Yokohama 301-304
Date/TimeMonday, July 29, 13:30-15:00, 15:30-17:00
LanguageJapanese (lecture) / English with Japanese translation (Hyper-wall show)